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Re: [DebianGIS] [psg@debian.org: Re: About proj]

> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> > They were generated by some complex process by Gerald back in the
> > early to mid 90's, presumably using TeX and a bunch of specialized
> > stuff.  They are apparently no longer generatable, and I don't have
> > any of the source materials.

Paul Wise wrote:
> Some options;
> There is now a GUI editor for PDFs, maybe they can be considered
> 'source' as-is :)
> Convert to html/txt via pdftohtml or similar and use the result as
> source.

cleaner:  Use the (very handy) pdftk package.

  pdftk file.pdf output out.pdf uncompress

That converts it into a PostScript-like text file. Do your edits then
recompress it.

> > You can of course keep them out of Debian if you find the
> > circumstances unacceptable.
> Unless the copyright/licence is unclear, that probably isn't
> necessary.

And if there is a problem, we can just ask Gerald....


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