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Re: [DebianGIS] [Fwd: [Gfoss] ka-map 1.0]

> [ka-Map-users] ka-Map 1.0 release
> Paul Spencer wrote:
> the ka-Map team is very proud to announce the final release of ka-Map
> 1.0.  I would personally like to thank all the developers and users
> who have contributed over the past couple of years.  There have been
> no significant changes since the 1.0 beta release so there's not much
> to tell you about this release.
> We are keen to move on to implementing some new features for
> everyone.  In particular, we are planning to start working on
> integration with the OpenLayers project in the near term.  Also, I
> believe Lorenzo has some exciting new features in the works, so look
> for news from him soon!

Paolo wrote:
> An interesting app to package.

"An AJAX app that offers an intuitive web interface to UMN Mapserver"

Package added to the PackageList page on the Wiki (TODO/wishlist section):


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