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[DebianGIS] Re: gvsig+udig

[Paolo Cavallini]
> Now that java is in main,

I suspect you mean something different from what you write.  Java (As
in Classpath and GCJ) has been in main for a long time, so there is
nothing new there.  The SUN Java packages are not in main, so there is
nothing new there either.  There are chances that the SUN Java
packages might show up in main some time after March next year, when
the class libraries are released as free software.  At the moment,
only the SUN java compiler and a few minor packages are released as
GPL.  There is still a lot of work left before the GPLed SUN Java
package can be used as some of the Java library isn't going to be
released due to third parties refusing to relicense.

In short, nothing new with Java in main, and we will have to wait
several months before we see any results from the GPL announcement
from SUN.

Of course the SUN Java package in non-free can be used right now to
prepare packages requiring SUN Java for contrib, and thus make sure
all the packaging is ready when SUN Java do appear in main.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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