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Re: [DebianGIS] Lets add a GIS workstation task to etch?

On Fri, September 1, 2006 19:45, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I believe it is a good idea to add a GIS Workstation task to etch.  To
> do that, we need to submit a wishlist bug against the tasksel package,
> and specify which packages should be part of this task.  Here is a
> draft:
> I believe the task should focus on "end-user" applications (aka GUI
> and console tools), and not list libraries.  I'm not sure if I
> succeeded in listing all such GIS-related packages.  Please have a
> look.  If we add such task, all users of etch will have the option of
> running tasksel and selecting 'GIS Workstation' to get all these nice
> tools.  And it will also make it easier for us to make a GIS
> Workstation CD based on etch as a custom debian distribution.
> CC to Joey Hess, to give him a heads-up, and hopefully get some useful
> feedback on how good our chances to get it included in etch are. :)
> ===========================================================================
> Task: gis-workstation
> Relevance: 6
> Section: user

Nothing to add to the package list, but I would amend the description as

Description: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) workstation
This task sets up your system to be a GIS workstation to process
_geographical information_ and make maps.

GIS is not only about making maps...


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