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[DebianGIS] Re: Qgis needs update


On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 21:25 +0100, Francesco Paolo Lovergine wrote:
> Qgis is currently broken in sid due to libgdal update and should
> link libmysqlclient15. Do you have idea of uploading a new version
> in brief or may I proceed with an NMU? 

Thanks for checking. Please do not NMU. I'm waiting for libgdal-grass to
clear NEW.

> Maube moving under team 
> maintainance is also a good idea...

I'd still rather keep it to myself for now. No offence to you all. It's
my first package and I like being forced to do everything so I can learn
and understand it all. geos needs a little love if you're itching for
something to do :)



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