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[DebianGIS] pending issues

Hi all.
A very quiet period this one. This is my (personal, biased) view of the 
situation (take it as a report on the pending issues):

1. packages to be upgraded
- mapserver should be upgraded to the new upstream version (4.6). Hopefully 
this would solve the php issue. Without php-mapscript, the package is of 
limited use in real applications
- postgis should be packaged for PostgreSQL 8.0 also; currently users of 
libpostgis1-pg74 are forced to stick to the old pgsql74
- grass has a lot of meaningless bug reports (eg #305577, etc); I suggest to 
close them

2. packages to be included in Debian
- qgis-plugin-grass
- libgdal1-grass
- Avce00
all packages in good shape, no important bug that I know of; I do not see 
problems in including them

3. new packages to be done
- utilities for Mapserver are important:
        MapLab (this one should be very easy - just a matter of copying files 
in the 
right place and configuring apache?)
        Chameleon (may be more difficult, especially for some possibly 
- E00Compr: a very small and easy package, that together with AvcE00 allows 
GRASS to import ArcInfo files; I suggest to include both as dependencies of 
- OpenEV?

Feedback welcome.
All the best.
Paolo Cavallini
cavallini@faunalia.it   www.faunalia.it   www.faunalia.com
Piazza Garibaldi 5 - 56025 Pontedera (PI), Italy   Tel: (+39)348-3801953

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