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[Pkg-grass-general] Re: qgis

[Steve Halasz]
> A serious bug was filed against qgis and gdal requiring that they
> depend on a more recent version of xerces. There was a bug in qgis
> that caused a crash adding shapefiles with gdal 1.2.6. So when gdal
> 1.2.6 went into testing, qgis had to be removed. A new version of
> glibc is being built which will be installed into testing by
> hand. After that happens and qgis gets built on arm it will be able
> to go back into testing.

Is this new version of qgis able to read huge GPX files without using
excess amount of memory?  Bug #284238 is still open, but I was told a
new version of qgis would solve the problem.

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