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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: Upload of Jump to Debian-GIS repository

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Wolfgang Baer]

Jump currently (almost) compiles against current gnu classpath. But
there are some unimplemented methods which prevent running Jump.

I will keep an eye on this topic - but it won't be possible for sarge.

Are you sure?  Lots of Java packages have made it into the main Debian
archive the last few weeks.  libpgjava just made it into the archive,
and that solve at least one of the dependencies of jump.

Yes I know - I am the uploader (sponsored) of several of these packages
which have it made to main in the last weeks :-)

Arnaud just uploaded libpgjava yesterday for me - and I am really
surprised how fast new processing is (just one day) now with the
additional team members.

Do you know what is missing for Jump to go into Debian/main?

Too much missing stuff in classpath - most notably Swing/Grapics2D.
The Graphics2D stuff may be eventually in parts already resolved
upstream but the java vm's in debian will not move to this Cario
backed implementation pre sarge.

I talked with Arnaud about it and we plan to configure kaffe with cario
after sarge and then I can do more testing.


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