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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] RFS: grass 6.0.0beta1 CVS - tempfile bug fixed

> Already suggested that more and more time...
> Embedding the needed library within the grass source is the way to go IMHO.
>Francesco P. Lovergine

To embed gdal-grass in GRASS: how to do that? It is a GDAL plugin.

And it's written in CPP and depends on GDAL. I mean, all the 
functions etc such as:

   double      adfGeoTransform[6];

     virtual const char *GetProjectionRef(void);
     virtual CPLErr GetGeoTransform( double * );

are not existing in GRASS. GRASS is written in C and does not
contain GDAL core code (but uses GDAL of course).

Probably I don't understand the suggestion.


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