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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Keep debian-folder on alioth and GRASS-CVS in sync?!

> > after some investigation there were some differences between the
> > files in the debian-folder in GRASS CVS and the one accessable on
> > alioth.
> >
> > To reduce work it would be nice to hold the debian-files in
> > GRASS-CVS in sync with yours.

I will attempt to take care of this once there is a package in unstable
or if you point out any bad errors in the grass CVS. I think the main
idea of keeping the control files upstream is as a guide for do-it-
yourself packagers until there is an official 5.7 package.

> Also, please note that version 5.7.0 is already pretty old. I would
> suggest anyone willing to work on a (much needed) package to use the
> most recent one.

We have been through this discussion several times before, I believe the
consensus was that it was better to work off of a non-moving target.
Hopefully a 5.7.1 release can be made soon (just a wish).


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