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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] geos has entered unstable + wiki spam

On Fri, Nov 26, 2004 at 04:29:59PM -0500, Steve Halasz wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm sending this message again since it seems to have been lost in the ether...
> I've updated the wiki to show that libgeos2, libgeos-dev, and
> libgeos-doc have entered unstable.

Fine :-))

> Silke, gdal has a --with-geos configure option although I'm not sure
> what that provides.

Yes, of course. I will add the --with-geos flag to my package.



Silke Reimer

Intevation GmbH                      http://intevation.de/
FreeGIS                                http://freegis.org/

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