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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] update

Paolo Cavallini wrote:
AFAICU, the stumbling block is the packaging of grass57, which would allow gdal and qgis support. Is that correct? How can we get out of this?


My first effort at splitting out the grass driver as a standlone driver
built from within the GDAL tree was a bit of a failure, so I decided to
make it available literally as a seperate package.  You can now download,
configure, build and install the GRASS driver after building and installing
GDAL without GRASS support, and building and installing GRASS with GDAL

The package is available at:


Please try it out and if you don't run into any serious issues it can
be it's own debian package depending on GRASS and GDAL.

The package source can be built by cd'ing into gdal/frmts/grass and doing
"make dist".

Hopefully, this will resolve one major headache.

Best regards,

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