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Bug#695661: #695661: gcc-4.7: Please fix build on powerpcspe

On 14/12/12 14:49, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Am 14.12.2012 14:34, schrieb Roland Stigge:
>> On 14/12/12 14:10, Matthias Klose wrote:
>>> Am 12.12.2012 13:26, schrieb Roland Stigge:
>>>> regarding your request to use t-spe, I'm attaching two patches, for the
>>>> unstable and experimental versions of gcc-4.7, respectively.
>>>> As written before, in Debian, t-spe wasn't included properly (only on
>>>> some bsd variant). So doing it instead of t-linux in the powerpcspe
>>>> case, when spe is present.
>>> is this wanted, e.g. defining all the MULTILIB macros?
>> No, not necessary.
>>> then better add the t-spe bits to the t-linux file.
>> Fine with that. That's actually what my very first patch did that I
>> submitted with this report. So please take it. :-)
> but this one doesn't look for the v1/v0 distinction and uses the same multiarch
> tuple for both. Please bring it in a form which can go upstream.

In your other mail you wrote about tm_file being replaced by
tm_file_list. Should I assume that tm_file (which includes e500-double.h
by which the distinction of v1 is made) is included into tm_file_list
somehow (what I currently can't see), or should we patch
src/gcc/config.gcc to include e500-double.h into tm_file_list instead of

Thanks in advance,


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