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Re: ia64 porters still active?

Le 03/05/12 16:42, Patrick Baggett a écrit :

On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 6:12 PM, Matthias Klose <doko@debian.org> wrote:
On 02.05.2012 18:07, Patrick Baggett wrote:
> Matthias,
> I wouldn't mind helping a bit, as I'd like to see GCC 4.7 be the default on
> ia64. I'm good at C/C++ programming and can definitely provide upstream
> patches, but I have absolutely no idea what the "debian way" of doing
> things is -- right now, I'm an end-user. What can I do?

hi Patrick,

please have a look at the ia64 specific bug reports for the gcc-4.6 and gcc-4.7
sources. Then try to reproduce these using the available compiler versions (4.4,
to 4.7 and trunk/gcc-snapshot).  Get the preprocessed source, try to to produce
a smaller test case, which can be forwarded upstream, try to find out if it's a
regression compared to earlier gcc releases.

OK, I don't mind checking them out, but like I said before I have no idea where the ia64-specific bug reports are ("no idea what the debian way is", see above).

Hi Patrick,

If you are interested in spending some time helping Debian, there is plenty of documentation at:

Friendly new maintainers help at:
That's a good place to can ask newbie questions about the "Debian way".

I can see 3 ia64 specific bugs (from their title) in gcc-4.6 and _none_ in gcc-4.7:

This bug seems small enough to start with (won't require you to rebuild a huge package, except perhaps... gcc itself):

I think for a start Matthias will just be happy if you can help him figuring out what's going on with these bugs and just send patches (through the BTS) if you manage to tackle them.

Just my 2c, hope this helps.

Regards, Thibaut.

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