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Bug#630853: cpp: multi-arch: foreign or multi-arch: allowed?

Package: cpp
Version: 4:4.6.0-6
Severity: wishlist
Usertags: multiarch

Hi there,

The cpp metapackage has certain reverse-dependencies which, in the multiarch
world, need to be coinstallable (e.g., -dev packages like libregina3-dev and
xutils-dev).  To support this, cpp needs to be tagged either Multi-Arch:
foreign, or Multi-Arch: allowed.

Upon consideration, I think Multi-Arch: foreign is ok here.  The interface
that cpp provides to its reverse-deps is always an exec() interface of
course, rather than a library interface, which normally would be enough to
qualify for Multi-Arch: foreign.  But here there's also the factor that cpp
provides /usr/bin/$target-cpp, only for the given architecture.  Could an
arch-dependent package that depends on cpp be assuming the availability of
/usr/bin/$target-cpp for its own arch?  Or, coming from the other side,
cpp's preprocessing behavior is architecture independent but its header
search paths are not.  Could accidentally installing a foreign arch version
of cpp break native packages that depend on it finding the native headers?

I believe we're safe from both.

We're safe from the first because the only case I know of where cpp will be
invoked as $target-cpp is when a package is being cross-built (either
because it's actually being cross-built, or because of a mis-invocation of
autoconf that sets things up for a cross-build instead of a native build).
In that case, you almost certainly aren't going to get very far with
cross-cpp, you need a cross-compiler as well; and if you have the
cross-compiler correctly installed and configured, it will almost certainly
come with (or depend on) cross-cpp, so no harm done.

We're safe from the second because again, nobody uses cpp by itself as a
toolchain that cares about system headers - they use it together with a
compiler.  And the compiler has this dependency graph:

  gcc ---Depends--> cpp
   |                 \
 Depends           Depends
   |                   \
   V                    V
 gcc-4.x --Depends--> cpp-4.x

So since none of the other packages in this graph are Multi-Arch: foreign,
installing a foreign-arch cpp package would require installing foreign-arch
versions of all the others - breaking any dependencies on gcc by a
native-arch package.

If you agree with the above reasoning, please make cpp Multi-Arch: foreign. 
If you see flaws in my reasoning, please make cpp Multi-Arch: allowed
instead, and let me know what my error is. :)

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