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Re: GMP transition: 4.3.2 to 5.0.1?

On Sun, 2011-02-06 at 12:39 -0600, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> Now that squeeze is out, I'd like to move from GMP 4 to GMP 5.  The
> latter was released upstream about a year ago and the gmp lists
> aren't buzzing with outrageous bugs, so it appears stable enough.

Looking at the package names of the unstable and experimental versions,
it looks like the main change is libgmp3c2 to libgmp3?  (There is also
lib{32,64}gmp3 -> lib{32,64}gmp10, but those libraries appear to only be
used by gmp itself).

> I know GMP is used in gcc itself, so I'd appreciate some guidance
> from the gcc team as well, since this is a major version change.
> I uploaded GMP 5 to experimental last year and it builds fine with two
> exceptions: hppa is BD-Uninstallable (?) and ia64 fails to build with
> an ICE.  The underlying cause is already known [1] and from reading
> the bug report I suspect I may be able to work around this by building
> one file with -O2 rather than -O3.  Other suggestions welcome.

hppa is in Needs-Build, not BD-Uninstallable; that's expected because
hppa doesn't have any autobuilders for experimental.

Have any of the reverse-dependencies been test-built against the new
version?  Does the move to 5.0.1 imply any source changes being required
for reverse-dependencies, or "just" rebuilds?  (I say "just" as there
appear to be around 350 r-dependencies, including at least five from the
GCC suite).

> Main question: should I go ahead and upload the new version when
> I get a free moment or do we need more investigation?

At the very least I'd first like to confirm that the suggested change
for ia64 works (rebuilding on the other architectures wouldn't hurt
either) and better understand the scope of the changes, particularly in
relation to e.g. gcc.



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