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Bug#532292: java-gcj-compat-dev: Missing Depends on gcj-4.3

severity 532292 important


In fact all Debian Java packages using default-jdk-builddep (or java-gcj-
compat-dev) are failing to build in pbuilder (or schroot/sbuild).
[so upgrading this bug to important]

Every time same error is printed in builder log :
Setting up java-gcj-compat-dev (1.0.80-5) ...                                                                       
update-alternatives: error: alternative path /usr/lib/jvm/java-
gcj/bin/jarsigner doesn't exist.

In my chroot, "/usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/bin/jarsigner" is a dangling symlink to 

This file is theoricaly provided by "gcj-4.3" package but here is the 
dependencies chain providing "gcj-4.3" :
Package: java-gcj-compat-dev
Depends: java-gcj-compat (= 1.0.80-5), gcj, ecj-gcj (>= 3.3.0+0728), gjdoc (>= 
0.7.8), gappletviewer-4.3
Recommends: libgcj9-src

Package: java-gcj-compat
Depends: java-gcj-compat-headless (= 1.0.80-5), libgcj9-0-awt
Suggests: libgcj9-src, libgcj9-dbg

Package: java-gcj-compat-headless
Depends: java-common (>= 0.25), gij (>= 4:4.3), fastjar, libgcj-bc (>= 4.3), 
libgcj9-jar (>= 4.3), libmx4j-java (>= 3.0.1), libgcj-common (>= 1:4.4.0-2)
Recommends: java-gcj-compat

Package: libgcj9-0-awt
Depends: gcj-4.3-base (>= 4.3.3-8)

Package: libgcj9-src
Depends: gcj-4.3-base (>= 4.3.3-1), gcj-4.3 (>= 4.3.3-1), libgcj9-jar (= 

As you can see, it's only a *Recommends* :
-> java-gcj-compat-dev which [Recommends: libgcj9-src] which [Depends: 

So pbuilder or sbuild won't install it - by default - during package build.

And in "java-gcj-compat-dev.postinst" :
update-alternatives --quiet --install /usr/bin/jarsigner jarsigner 
/usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/bin/jarsigner 1043...

Since dpkg 1.15.0 [1] (uploaded to unstable on May, 21th 2009), update-
alternative has been rewrote from scratch and may not allow this kind of 
"alternative to dangling symlink" ?

IMHO, java-gcj-compat-dev is expected to install all gcj-4.3 tools and should 
Depends on it.

[1] http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/d/dpkg/current/changelog
Damien Raude-Morvan / www.drazzib.com

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