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Bug#387875: Patch for ARM gcj

On Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 06:27:25PM +0100, Matthias Klose wrote:
> > <suihkulokki> drow: apparently installing fails :|
> > <suihkulokki> installing gjdoc that is
> > <suihkulokki> Setting up gjdoc (0.7.7-6) ...
> > <suihkulokki> gcj-dbtool-4.1 succeeded unexpectedly
> > <suihkulokki> gcj-dbtool-4.1 succeeded unexpectedly
> > <suihkulokki> java.io.IOException: Invalid argument <<No stacktrace available>>
> > <suihkulokki> .
> > 
> > Where do we go from here?  If the patch is still an improvement, I'd
> > suggest including it; I'm not going to have another day to figure out
> > what's wrong with gjdoc for a while.

> Looks like we are back to a state where basic java programs do work? 
> Riku, does a HelloWorld program compiled to native code work?

I did not find time to test with hello world yet. but for example 
gcj-dbtool-4.1 (which is native compiled java) works, until it
tries to parse the gjdoc jarfiles.

> I'll include the patch with the next upload (maybe today, or else on
> Monday).

That should be ok, atleast it shouldn't worsen the situation.

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