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Re: gfdl gcc documentation packages for non-free: update

Nikita V. Youshchenko writes:
> Hello.
> I've updated gcc-4.1 documentation packages (Section: non-free/doc).
> Packages are no longer debian-native, also several issues have been fixed.
> Also, I've created gcc-doc-defaults package (Section: contrib/doc) that 
> builds gcc-doc, cpp-doc, gfortran-doc and treelang-doc packages with 
> proper dependences and symlinks.
> Maintainer of all those packages is set to debian-gcc@lists.debian.org
> As for over version of gcc - packages for those that are currently in sid 
> still contain gfdl documentation. So creation of proper non-free packages 
> has to be postponed until this documentation is not removed from there.
> Currently packages are at 
> http://zigzag.lvk.cs.msu.su/~nikita/debian/gcc-doc/
> I'm going to upload there (to non-free and contrib) in a day or two.
> Comments welcome.

some problems:

 - the man pages (all except gfortran.1) are not built from
   source. -> RC

 - the gfdl is not included in the man pages, nor the gfdl(7) man
   pages are shipped, violating the GFDL (dropping invariant
   sections). -> RC

 - the java man pages are not built

 - the libstdc++ docs are not built

 - the man pages are not up to date. you have to apply the patches
   from our sources.

for an alternative approach (somebody did volunteer to do that, but I
never heard again from this developer):

 - put the doc files from
   in a source tarball.

 - build-depend on gcc-4.1-source (including the -doc patches),
   build the package (bootstrap_target=all), then just package
   the documentation.


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