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Re: Building gcc-3.3 package.

Kurt Roeckx wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 29, 2004 at 11:37:20PM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
>> Kurt Roeckx writes:
>> > I'm trying to build the gcc-3.3 package but I seem to have a
>> > dependency problem building it.
>> > 
>> > gcc-3.3 depends on gnat-3.3 | gnat-3.2
>> > gnat-3.2 (gcc-3.2) depends on gnat-3.2
>> > gnat (3.15p) depends on gnat (>= 3.14) gnat (<< 3.16)
>> > 
>> > And I don't have any version of gnat.
>> > 
>> > What I do have is gcc-3.3 version 3.3.3-0pre3.
>> > I can also build the gcc 3.3.3 source myself without package but
>> > that doesn't contain gnat either.
>> > 
>> > Any suggestion on how I start building this without gnat.
>> there are gnat packages available in the archives, or:
> If there was one for this port (amd64) I would using it.
>> - edit debian/rules.defs, disable ada
> Doesn't that prevent me from building it the next time too?  How
> do I also get gnat compiled?

Go to a system (say, i386 ;-) ) which has a gnat binary, and build a
cross-compiler version of GCC 3.3 (including gnat) from that system to your
amd64 system.  (You'll have to build it from the upstream sources, and
you'll probably also need to build a cross assembler.  This is a complex
and annoying process, unfortunately; I've been trying to make it better,
but no luck yet.)

Then, use the cross tools you just built (amd64-gcc, amd64-gnat, etc.) to
build binaries for amd64 -- the first one will be a copy of GCC including
gnat.  (That's a "cross-built native", and it's also rather annoying
complex at the moment.)  Move those to your amd64 machine, and you have a
compiler which you can use to bootstrap GCC.

Sorry this is such a complicated process, but you do only have to do it
once; once you have one working GCC with gnat on amd64, you can just use it
to build the next one, etc.

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