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Re: default CPU target for sparc


Matthias Klose wrote:
> Someone is making statements without knowing the real situation.
> Changing to hwmul ops in libc and other key libraries makes a _huge_
> difference. Just for libssl alone it makes an UltraSPARC sshd server go
> from 5 seconds for a login, to almost instant.

Regarding libc6 and sun4m:
I thought libc6-sparc64 existed for these kinds of optimizations.

> This decision for sparc wasn't made just for the fuck of it. It actually
> has a purpose. You call it broken, I call it "older hardware is no
> longer supported in order to benefit newer machines". Sooner or later
> the shit has to happen. Supporting sun4m-hwmul means we are still
> supporting machines that are almost 20 years old. I'd say that's pretty
> damn good.

Why not simply create a separate distribution for sparc32 and sparc64
then? Keep the sparc32 compatible while optimizing to your hearts content
for sparc64. I would really like to continue using my sun4m as a Debian
based web server instead of going back to Solaris.

        Aleksi Suhonen

(I'm not on the list, so please Cc: me.)

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