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Libraries link order on Sparc

(Please CC me on replies as I am not subscribed to the list, thanks)


I have a package (sdcc) which create a library called libutil.a during 
its build process. Then this libraries is linked to several binaries 
with -L.. -lutil.

There is also a libutil.a in /usr/lib provided libc6-dev. On all
architectures but Sparc, libutil.a from the package is used. On Sparc, 
libutil.a from /usr/lib is used. The problem is only present in gcc-3.2 
and gcc-3.3 from sid, gcc-2.95 seems to work correctly.

Should it be considered as a bug? Is there a way to tell gcc to search 
for librairies in the directories given in -L flags before than in the 
system directories?


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