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[Bug pch/11654] gcc seg fault when using pre-compiled headers and -gstabs

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pinskia at physics dot uc dot edu changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |dpatel at apple dot com

------- Additional Comments From pinskia at physics dot uc dot edu  2003-07-24 02:48 -------
The function emit_pending_bincls was introduced by:
2003-07-01  Devang Patel

        * dbxout.c (DBXOUT_DECR_NESTING): Emit pending bincls, if required.
        (binclstatus): New.
        (struct dbx_file): New members - bincl_status, pending_bincl_name and
        (pending_bincls): New.
        (dbxout_init): Initialize new dbx_file members.
        (dbxout_start_source_file): Same.
        (emit_bincl_stab): New function.
        (emit_pending_bincls): Same.
        (emit_pending_bincls_if_required): Same.
        (dbxout_end_source_file): Emit EINCL stab only if BINCL is  already
        (dbxout_begin_block): Emit pending BINCL stabs.
        (dbxout_end_block): Same.
        (dbxout_function_decl): Same.
        (dbxout_continue): Same.
        (dbxout_type): Same.
        (dbxout_class_name_qualifiers): Same.
        (dbxout_symbol): Same.
        (dbxout_symbol_location): Same.
        (dbxout_parms): Same.

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