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Re: Bug#201882: gnat-3.3: Missing the Ada run-time shared libraries

Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> writes:

> Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> wrote on 19/07/2003 (11:23) :
>> Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> writes:
>> > What do you mean? That it is a bad idea at the moment as nothing is
>> > stable or that it is a bad idea whenever? I don't agree with the
>> > latter.
>> What do you propose?  Upstream is still at the beginning of shared
>> library support.  They use rpath and have a very unusual versioning
>> scheme (ldconfig complains about it).  Upstream obviously doesn't
>> expect that people move dynamically linked executables from one
>> machine to the other.
> I see I didn't know it wasn't supported yet. So when shared library
> support is in place in gcc 3.x or 4.x, then one can have shared
> libraries? What I was trying to say is that I hope one can eventually
> have shared libraries so my Ada applications compiled with gcc does not
> become 3 times bigger as they are with Gnat 3.14p or 3.15p. But it
> sounded like somebody thought this was a bad idea at any time.

The main problem I see is that there are risks that GNAT releases are
not synced with GCC versions and that it makes hard to track ABI

Jérôme Marant


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