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Bug#201882: gnat-3.3: Missing the Ada run-time shared libraries

severity 201882 wishlist

Preben Randhol writes:
> Package: gnat-3.3
> Version: 1:3.3.1-0pre0
> Severity: important
> The shared libraries (libgnat*.so) are not in the gnat-3.3 package. All
> there is are some broken links pointing to files that do not exist.
> Please include the shared libraries so gnat-3.3 can be usable. Of course
> an additional libgnat-3.3 package is needed so that if one just want to
> run an Ada95 program (compiled with Gnat 3.3) one do not have to install
> the full compiler to use it.

please send your patches to the build procedure as an attachment. when
I tried to build the shared libs (for 3.2), I saw at the gtk ada
bindings fail to build with the shared ada libs. The shared library
version should be the one defined in the sources (not 3.3).

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