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Bug#200003: cpp: contains non-free manpages

Andrew Suffield writes:
> Package: cpp
> Severity: serious
> The manpages fsf-funding(7), gpl(7), and gfdl(7) are included in the
> cpp package. These are clearly non-free (non-modifiable).

this doesn't make sense. you are not allowed to change a copyright,
even for software distributed in main. AFAIK the distribution of
license texts is allowed in main, even if the license itself is
non-free. I'd like a confirmation from debian-legal, as I don't see
something about this in "2.1, Package copyright and sections".

> [Plus they aren't mentioned in the copyright file, which claims the
> package is GPLed]

how should a copyright of a license text included in the
debian/copyright file?

> They should almost certainly be removed entirely,


> and #181495 should instead be fixed by eliminating the references
> from the cpp manpage (possibly inserting references to
> /usr/share/common-licenses).

doesn't help, as the GFDL isn't in common-licenses.


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