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Bug#196563: libgnome build trouble (was: Re: Processed: Re: Bug#196563: fontconfig: [m68k] segfault during postinst)

> > > The fontconfig segfault happens with any of the 2.1.92-2, 2.2.0-2 or
> > > 2.2.0-5 versions of fontconfig/libfontconfig on kullervo.
> >
> > Ok, that would at first glance appear to void my hypothesis; however,
> > fontconfig uses freetype, and that could have been miscompiled.  Can you
> Indeed, all freetype/libfreetype combos did work fine with
> libfreetype6_2.1.4-1_m68k.deb and libfreetype6_2.1.4-2_m68k.deb from the
> apt cache.

This problem still persists and prevents libgnome 2.2.2-1 from being built
(on a4000t). libgnome in turn causes a lot of gnome 2 package build
failures ...

I'll try to manually build libgnome now after having fontconfig and
libfreetype6_2.1.4-2 preinstalled.

Other packages with fontconfig segfaults:


Please make sure you have libfreetype6_2.1.4-2 before retrying them.


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