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planning binutils NMU (testing wanted ...)

You can find packages of binutils- for alpha, arm, hppa,
ia64, i386, m68k, powerpc, sparc and s390 on


These packages fix at least some important reports.  In the same
directory there is a README.test-summaries, which compares the test
results from the installed version on the build machines with the
results form the newly built version. Dan already told me about some
failures which are expected with our current glibc version. Are these
packages good enough for an NMU?

- mips and mipsel packages aren't built yet. There is a lack of
  mips/mipsel machine available to developers.

- Can you check for your favourite binutils report with these
  packages and notify chris@debian.org and doko@debian.org?

Thanks, Matthias

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