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Update on NetBSD and 3.3

Just a quick status update on gcc-3.3 and the various NetBSD ports.

1) I'm working on a patch for 3.3; the netbsd-* patches from 3.2 don't
even remotely apply cleanly, due to major changes in the files they modify
(thankfully, said changes are in the direction of increased sanity!)

2) Due to the changes from 3.2 -> 3.3, once the i386 stuff works, it SHOULD
work with minimal extra changes for all other cpus. The patch (once done)
is intended to have at least netbsd-alpha and netbsd-sparc stuff in it,
since I have access to someone who can test it on those architectures
(Matthew Garrett).

3) Some stuff in rules.conf (the LIBC_DEV stuff, in particular) needs to be
made more general, if netbsd-alpha and netbsd-sparc are to use it properly.
However, given the number of times it's gotton broken in one fashion or
another, I hesitate to muck with this myself, anymore...

4) There appears to be at least one very serious regression; Pascal now
blows up with a build failure. I'm going to look into it.

5) There also appear to be some regressions (or possibly new tests that
just don't work at all) in the testsuite; thankfully, not many. I think.

6) LIB_SPEC stuff is completely untested, as of yet; I want to fix the
regressions first, before I go mucking with too much of the other stuff.
However, I'll probably try a build with it changed, just to see if it
persists in the 3.2 behavior of blowing up in unbelieveably impressive

Further updates as useful information becomes available.
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>

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