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Re: Debian crosscompiler packages

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 08:05:53PM +0000, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
> My suggestion is to use dpkg-cross to get appropriate libraries and
> point to the place it installs them, perhaps even make the dpkg-cross
> installed packages included in the build dependencies.

I have now built a gcc-m68k-linux package by installilng an libc-m68k-cross
and an libc-dev-m68k-cross created by dpkg-cross before building gcc. What 
I had to do to get it working was:

  - Change crossbase in /etc/dpkg/cross-compile from /usr/local to /usr. Why
    is this defaulting to /usr/local? Don't we want cross-compilers in /usr?

  - Patch dh_shlibdeps not to pass files to dpkg-shlibsgen that were not in
    the native format (included below). dpkg-cross contains some replacement
    dpkg-shlibsgen that I think should be used instead. Anyone know how to 
    thatone not to deafult back to dpkg-shlibsgen.orig? Will it work in this
    kind of mixed environ where we have some native binaries and some corss

I will update the docs and rerelease.

Hakan Ardo <hakan@debian.org>, http://master.debian.org/~hakan/

<               $ff=file "$file";
<               if ($ff=~m/ELF/ && $ff!~/statically linked/) {
>               $ff=ldd "$file";
>               if ($ff !~ /not a dynamic executable/) {

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