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Re: building gcc cross compilers

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Matthias Klose wrote:

> for gcc-2.95.3, building cross compilers should work ok. You need to
> set the TARGET in the rules files and you are done. You may want to
> contact Steve for further information. The patch for the rules file
> comes from the Emdebian project. Cross compilers are built together
> with the native compiler, so it becomes a problem if you want to build 
> many cross compilers.
> For gcc-3.0, I took another approach. Set the GCC_TARGET env var and
> the appropriate cross compiler should be built... in theory. If you
> want to work on it, please do.

This reminds me....

I'm planning on announcing this VERY soon, but I'm re-disabling the
autobuilding of the cross compiler debs in binutils.  It just too fricken
long on the archs that I need to fix the most (mainly m68k) and there
appear to be more bugs popping up about the debs than demand for the debs

I guess it's probably time for us to try to figure out how we want to do
this correctly, Matthias.....


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