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Re: XF86_Banshee

Assuming the binary is compadible with the version of XF86 you have
installed the easiest way is to do this:

copy the binary to /usr/X1R6/bin

change /etc/X11/Xserver's first line to point to that filename, and it
should work,  or, just see what file Xserver points to and copy the new
binary on top of the old one (backup the old one first!)


On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, gilles.fenoll wrote:

g.feno >Hi,
g.feno >Could anyone tell me how to install the Xbanshee server that I got by creative.
g.feno >I have more practice of other distribution, like Mandrake (RedHat) and SuSE,
g.feno >Ididn't  found any problems for install and setup of X on those distrib.
g.feno >Maybe th XF86Config, or any file is not at the same place. and if yes, btw, why
g.feno >??
g.feno >Thank you.
g.feno >
g.feno >
g.feno >
g.feno >
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g.feno >Dr G. Fenoll Vétérinaire Ostéopathe
g.feno >BP 181 F_28401 Nogent le Rotrou Cedex
g.feno >
g.feno >
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