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Re: Site dedie a Debian autre que debian.org ?

On Monday 14 June 1999, at 10 h 26, the keyboard of "Sebastien B." 
<sebastien.b@cyberion.fr> wrote:

> De plus, impossible de savoir quel paquets et lié avec tel
> paquets à part de faire <<semblant>> de le supprimer pour connaitre ses
> liens ..

pkg-order doit permettre ça mais je ne l'ai jamais utilisé.

The Debian Package pkg-order

This is the Debian Dependency ordering library package, written as a
 set of Perl 5 object classes. The goal of this library is to provide
 a means for people who write installers or mass compilation processes
 to have an easy way to determine package dependencies in their own
 scripts; as a secondary goal it provides a generic proof of concept
 package ordering tool. This package ordering tool is meant to be an
 example, and an demonstration tool.

        The file Requirements details the specs for this library, and
 the file Class_Hierarchy gives an overview of the classes.

        I would also like to acknowledge the help and motivation
 provided by Roman Hodek, without whose efforts this package would
 probably have languished unnoticed.

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org>, Wed, 29 Jan 1997 13:20:26 -0600

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