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Fwd: Securité X

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                        SuSE Security Announcement

        Package:  xf86-3.3.3-5
        Date:     Sun Mar 28 12:26:39 CEST 1999
        Affected: unix operating systems using xfree86


A security hole was discovered in the package mentioned above.
Please update as soon as possible or disable the service if you are using
this software on your SuSE Linux installation(s).

Other Linux distributions or operating systems might be affected as
well, please contact your vendor for information about this issue.

Thanks to the people from bugtraq for providing the details of this
vulnerability and especially the XFree86 programmers who made a fix
ready over the weekend.

Please note, that we provide this information on as "as-is" basis only.
There is no warranty whatsoever and no liability for any direct, indirect
incidental damage arising from this information or the installation of
the update package.

1. Problem Description

    XFree86 creates a directory in /tmp with the name .X11-unix for
    the X sockets and sets the directory to mode 1777.
    If an attacker creates a symlink with that filename and points
    it to another directory (e.g. /root), the permissions of the target
    directory is set to 1777.

2. Impact

    A local attacker may create files with any contents in any directory.

3. Solution

    Upgrade your XF86.

    As a temporary fix you can put these commands into

        /bin/rm -rf /tmp/.X11-unix
        mkdir -p -m 1777 /tmp/.X11-unix


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