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[Freedombox-discuss] Anyone interested talking at FOSDEM?


FOSDEM 2017 is happening in Brussels on 4th & 5th of February.  A
developer room (rooms where most of the talks happen) is in the planning
for topics related to alternate internet in the spirit of FreedomBox.
This is being organized by Julien Rabier (CCed, IRC: taziden) and
Tristan Nitot.

This is a nice opportunity to talk to other developers about FreedomBox
and the nice progress made so far and to discuss the challenges we face
in this area.  The talk could be of 15-20 minutes or more, but the
format is not concrete yet and will evolve based on the participation.

If you are a contributor or a user of FreedomBox and wish to present
FreedomBox at FOSDEM, please express your interest before Friday (sort
of tight schedule for preliminary confirmation)[1].

Thank you,

1) https://pad.ilico.org/p/devroom-fosdem2017


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