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[Freedombox-discuss] plinth broken in unstable?

On Monday 01 December 2014 05:07 AM, Mike Kuzmiak wrote:
> I am encountering this same issue, although I don't know what is meant by
> "using d-i and preseeding". Running the test suites in
> /usr/lib/freedombox/testsuite does not work for IPv4 and IPv6. I see
> Sunil's suggested fixes in this thread. Is there any new status on the fix
> or is there a workaround?
>> * I installed an unstable based FreedomBox using d-i and preseeding,
> *>* but the resulting installation do not give me a working plinth.
> *> >* Running the test suite show that http://freedombox/plinth/
> <http://freedombox/plinth/> do not
> *>* work for IPv4 and IPv6.*

The primary issue is fixed but a release has not yet been made.  Apache
configuration fixes and clean ups have been committed recently to
freedombox-setup and Plinth.  You will need these packages from Git for
things to work (best is await a release of both packages then build a
fresh FreedomBox image).

Plinth is still not listening on IPv6 address.  This is not currently a
major issue because Apache is the only thing that contacts Plinth and it
does so using and ipv4 address.  I created a separate issue for this.


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