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[Freedombox-discuss] What is Freedombox?

Quoting Petter Reinholdtsen (2013-09-15 08:13:56)
> [Jack Wilborn]
> > I understood that the GUI for all of these were to be coded in an 
> > HTML, or other portable languages that would be easily ported to 
> > other platforms.  Was this an erroneous interpretation?

Possibly the authors of Plinth has applied such constraint for their 
project specifically, but FreedomBox has not, TTBOMK.

Writing code that can only work on certain hardware architectures or 
even on uniwue pieces of hardware only, would be bad IMO.  But I see no 
need for writing in languages that are architecture-independent at its 
source level - if e.g. you found some competitor to Plinth written in, 
say, witty or tntnet (C++ frameworks), that would be quite interesting 

> The current web interface (called plinth + exmachina) is written in 
> python, and can work on any platform as far as I can tell.  The part 
> that interact with the operating system only work on Debian based 
> systems, though.

I agree with Petter here (and with his other remarks in that same post).

 - Jonas

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