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[Freedombox-discuss] What is Freedombox?

[Jack Wilborn]
> I understood that the GUI for all of these were to be coded in an
> HTML, or other portable languages that would be easily ported to other
> platforms.  Was this an erroneous interpretation?

The current web interface (called plinth + exmachina) is written in
python, and can work on any platform as far as I can tell.  The part
that interact with the operating system only work on Debian based
systems, though.

> I believe anyone would want what we could coded in a portable
> language, items like the control of the LED's would be device specific
> and a common language would be best.  In this approach anyone with the
> basic computer knowledge could evaluate the code.  I understand that
> you could 'hide' it from people not used to the applied language but
> it could be called to a knowledgeable person to check it for aberrant
> code sequences.

The problem Jonas described is partly a marketing/branding issue.  If
something is described and marketed as "only for X", then those not
using X will not look at it to see if it fit their need.  And if only
those interested in X look at the code, few developers will be available
to improve the system.  Plinth at the moment is marketed as "Only for
Freedombox", while it would be perfect for any Debian based
router/appliance solution.  Thus I believe we should rebrand the project
as a generic web admin framework for appliences and split out the
freedombox specific stuff to try to attract developers outside the
Freedombox community.

> Having been involved in this type of application, it should not be too
> strenuous to attain a high degree of the platform in a portable
> language and only device specific code for smaller applications with
> their own API.  Of course this is a generalization.

This is already done, and beside the point Jonas is arguing.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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