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[Freedombox-discuss] Are there regular developer meetings on IRC?

[Nick Daly]
> If you can lead it, please go for it.

Great!  I'll wrap up my branch and push it to you.  Suspect I need to
rebase to get something you can merge.

> I'll pull working code.

I can only test that it work for me on amd64 and Raspberry Pi/Raspian.
I lack a Dreamplug to test that part.  I hope you or someone else can
do that testing.  If you want to test this before I rebase, it would
be easiest for me.

> I haven't done much as far as learning packaging goes because the
> functional code hacking I already know how to do provides much more
> immediate returns.

Right.  It isn't too hard.  Install devscripts and use 'debuild' to
build the packages, to get a lot of help from the Debian tools. :)

>> My plan is to continue polishing the deb based Freedombox setup to a
>> point where installing Debian Wheezy using a preseed file on a normal
>> laptop, or installing the freedom-setup package in Raspian, give me a
>> working privoxy and plinth installation.
> Excellent.  You just made my day.

I got the preseeding working now.  To test it, fetch a Debian Wheezy
amd64 installation CD, boot it with


and answer the few language, keyboard and time zone questions
presented.  At the end you should have a machine that will reply to
port 22 (ssh), 25 (exim), 53 (dnsmasq), 80 (jwchat), 5222/5269/37571
(ejabberd), 8001 (plinth) 8118 (privoxy) and a few others (use lsof -i
to see the full list).  Note that the plinth password is 'secret' and
thus well known, so do not put the machine on some untrusted network.

As the first page in plinth is broken and get stuch while trying to
initialize the box, visit <URL: http://mybox:8001/help > (assuming
mybox is the DNS name your freedombox) to get access to the "normal"
plint menus.  The login fail because withsqlite is still broken in git
(see an earlier email for a patch I believe fixes it).

To use privoxy, set your browser to use http://mybox:8118 as its

This should give everyone with a spare x64/amd64 computer the
possibility to test out the freedombox software stack.  Not much
working at the moment, I must admit.  When I get freedombox-privoxy
built for the Raspberry Pi, the same packages should work there out of
the box.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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