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[Freedombox-discuss] URGENT

Good day.

Compliments of the day, and my best wishes to you. I am Mr. Lieng Hsu 
Koog, The Public Relation Officer (PRO.) of the above company. This 
company is into the supply of Home Textiles, Engine Parts, Stationery 
and Korean wares, greeting cards etc. This company was established in 
2004, under the Company and Allied Matter with the Corporate Affairs 
Commissions of Hong Kong.

We normally encounter problems when been paid because it takes a while 
for European cheques to clear here in the Hong Kong so this has prompted 
us to search for a payment agent in Europe, Canada, America and South 
America who would stand on behalf of our company.

Presently, we are been owed up to $490,000.00 USD and the companies 
have agreed to begin installmental payment. If you are willing to assist 
us, you would be paid 10% of the total sum you collect on behalf of our 
company in any transaction that is passed through you to our company.

All you have to do is to please provide the information given below.

Full Name:.........

Company Name:......

Full contact address:




Mobile Phone Number:??????.

Fax Number:????????.


Once you have done this, we would instruct the company to send the 
cheque or money order to you, which you would deposit into your account 
for onward clearance.Upon the receipt of the above information?s, we 
shall send you further details about our proposal.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Lieng Hsu Koog (PRO)
Bukcheng Holdings Co, Ltd.

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