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[Freedombox-discuss] Package Lists and Configuration

Johan Henselmans <johan at netsense.nl> writes:

> I mention this because it seemed that in the Syrian situation there
> was a rumor that satellite phone locations were used for rocket
> attacks.

I believe that occurred, though I do not know the names involved.  Can
anyone verify?

> The only solution I see is some server that will distribute your
> current IP address based on who you have indicated to trust. Which of
> course leads to the question who to trust that server.
> Do you guys see/know any solution for this problem?

My solution to this problem is closer-ish to being done than it's ever
been before.  It's the FreedomBuddy project.  It requires that end
users (Alice and Bob):

1. Meet in person to verify and trust one another's PGP keys.

2. Alice sends Bob one message that contains the services she'll host
   for Bob and locations where Bob can contact her through any supported

3. When Bob needs Alice's services, he'll (1) start using them or (2)
   send Alice a reply letting her know where he's hosting any services
   for her.  That reply will include the locations Alice should reach
   out to find Bob.

Why is this useful?  Alice and Bob may choose to use (pseudo-)anonymous
transports to communicate, like Tor, GNUnet, etc.  They'll be able to
establish communication paths for any system using any or all of those
transports at once.

Finishing the outstanding functional problems (small amounts of delicate
work) are what remains at this point.  The UI will be terrible, for now.
Later, once the functional work is complete, it'll get pulled into
Plinth, and will have a less terrible UI.

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