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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox Unstable Image 2012.1021 Available

alberto fuentes <pajaro at gmail.com> writes:

>> alberto fuentes writes:
> Reasoning for my fixes:
> - 1Gb partition left little room to play with the image and increasing
> the size of the partition to 4G does not increases final vdi while
> leaving more room to play

2G for now, because that's all the DP has to play with.  I'm not crazy
about building functionally separate images, but may be able to be

> - the clone in the mk_virtualbox_image script did not work. The
> default folder created has the same name of the git repository leaving
> the rest of the references to the vmdebootstrap folder non-working.

Make sure your repository is updated.  It sounds like you have a *very*
old version.  That's fixed in all my copies and appears to have come

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