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[Freedombox-discuss] ***SPAM*** Re: deb list for what is being included in freedom box

On 12-10-22 at 04:36pm, Robert Teeter wrote:
> The Debian version for Raspberry PI has hardware floating point 
> support in their kernel.

I recommend to avoid confusion by calling it "...Debian-like..." as it 
is not Debian:

  * I make .deb packages at http://debian.jones.dk/ but that does not 
    make those packages "Debian".
  * Raspbian which I suspect you are referring to makes .deb packages 
    but that does not make them "Debian" either.

Debian supports ARMv5 and ARMv7.  Raspbian is, I believe, a 
recompilation targeted ARMv6 (which includes "hardfloat" but not other 
features only in ARMv7).

It seems Raspbian intends to stay close to Debian on the source level, 
and simply recompile everything optimized for that ARMv6 hardware.

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