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[Freedombox-discuss] ISPs, IP addresses. DNSes.......

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 8:10 AM, Russell Edwards <russell at edwds.net> wrote:
> Hello, hope this goes through. (Haven't received any emails from this list
> for weeks,
> for reasons touched on below- yet the listserv swears i'm still subscribed.)

There's been traffic to and from the list pretty consistently.  Have
you checked your spam folder?


> Does the FreedomBox project have a position on what is a proper internet
> service? Does it include a static IP address, a dynamic email address or
> simply an internal IP address behind an ISP NAT?
> What are the privacy implications of the DNS network?
> Then again is relying on someone else's Dynamic DNS service any worse than
> relying someone else's internet service provision?
> Ultimately I guess we should be demanding a static IP and no snooping, but
> how bad is what level of compromise?

There're many options under discussion:


I'd appreciate if the PageKite folks could chime in, as they've had
some interesting discussions lately.  Other options are also under
development, including FBuddy, which tries to sidestep the entire
issue and uses other services to act as static IPs, to find the
current dynamic IP.  That still needs a lot of work, though, it's a
bit more involved than I had originally anticipated.

Does this help answer any of your questions?


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