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[Freedombox-discuss] ISPs, IP addresses. DNSes.......

Hello, hope this goes through. (Haven't received any emails from this 
list for weeks,
for reasons touched on below- yet the listserv swears i'm still subscribed.)

Does the FreedomBox project have a position on what is a proper internet 
service? Does it include a static IP address, a dynamic email address or 
simply an internal IP address behind an ISP NAT?

What are the privacy implications of the DNS network?

Just a couple of questions as I come to grips with things. I set up my 
freedomishbox on an ADSL service with dynamic IP addresses. Then I 
switched to another ISP and was stuck with mobile broadband, with no 
external IP, for a  week or two before they switched on ADSL. And now I 
will have to pay $10pm extra if I want a static IP address.

To me, no external IP = not a real internet service. People should be 
incited to reject what is really nothing more than a subscription 
broadcast content service. I wasn't actually aware that such
a thing existed until I was forced to suffer through it.

As for dynamic IP,,,,  is it reliable to found the FreedomBox concept on 
the idea that one should have to rely on an external agent to provide 
DNS services?   With static IP, at least you can host your own DNS, but 
as far as I understand this is not possible with dynamic IP addresses.

Then again is relying on someone else's Dynamic DNS service any worse 
than relying someone else's internet service provision?

Ultimately I guess we should be demanding a static IP and no snooping, 
but how bad is what level of compromise?


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