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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox Unstable Image 2012.1007 Available

                    FreedomBox Weekly Image Report

Author: Nick Daly
Date: 2012-10-07 Sun

Sorry for the delay folks, shoddy Internet and a busy weekend combined
to delay the image.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 How do I try it out?
3 Verification
    3.1 ~freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_dreamplug-armel-card.tar.bz2~
    3.2 ~freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_virtualbox-i386-hdd.vdi.tar.bz2~
4 Changes
5 Outstanding TODOs
    5.1 Freedom Maker: https://github.com/nickdaly/freedom-maker
    5.2 Plinth: https://github.com/nickdaly/plinth
    5.3 FreedomBox Privoxy: https://github.com/jvasile/freedombox-privoxy
    5.4 FreedomBuddy: https://gitorious.org/freedombuddy/freedombuddy
    5.5 Project Publish: https://gitorious.org/project-publish/project-publish
    5.6 PlugServer Setup: https://bitbucket.org/nickdaly/plugserver
    5.7 With SQLite: https://github.com/jvasile/withsqlite

1 Introduction

  Hi folks, welcome to the 15th weekly FreedomBox test image and progress

  These images include several FreedomBox-related projects.  The changes are
  changes made by project contributors in the last week that have made it into
  the test image.  The outstanding TODOs are the changes needed before the
  beta-release is complete.  If you'd like to contribute in any way, fork and
  send me a pull request.

  The image is available at:




  Today's image was produced with:

      $ make weekly-image

2 How do I try it out?

  There are two ways you can test it out.  The easy way is to use VirtualBox and
  run the image in a virtual machine.  These instructions have more details:


  You can also install the image to your DreamPlug directly.  If you've bought
  your own DreamPlug, you'll probably need to flash the firmware, which requires
  a JTAG.  Follow these instructions:


  These are the users and their passwords:

  root: freedom

            The root user.

  fbx: frdm

           The normal user.  All the FreedomBox tools are stored in =/home/fbx=.

3 Verification

  You can validate that the files have been downloaded correctly and haven't
  changed since I've published them by checking the files' signatures.

  First, download my key:

      $ gpg --keyserver hkp://keys.gnupg.net --recv-key D95C32042EE54FFDB25EC3489F2733F40928D23A

  Then, verify each file's signature:

      $ gpg --verify freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_dreamplug-armel-card.tar.bz2.sig freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_dreamplug-armel-card.tar.bz2
      $ gpg --verify freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_virtualbox-i386-hdd.vdi.tar.bz2.sig freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_virtualbox-i386-hdd.vdi.tar.bz2

   The checksums for each file, useful for additional verification, also follow.

3.1 ~freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_dreamplug-armel-card.tar.bz2~

  md5sum      b13f092ac80240f59c2fb7d8ab66a3c4
  sha512sum   6f2288df56c8c830b1da9fb0c2ea58e028c0f4e48679a6fa69f89c248352f0980635704f55b81ef5a19932ad03bc7e7f55d61b2065f5865e96f2e9a2425a1eaa

3.2 ~freedombox-unstable_2012.1007_virtualbox-i386-hdd.vdi.tar.bz2~

  md5sum      4f139f5fd8f73b151c4932a420e4afb9
  sha512sum   a3fe39797f22f82cf7614811e6ec9607abdf44d706ffcc7050ed36d2ee3a01701ea4580d46718172f0617ddd9d49565e75506c4583637fa1ff10a7ebdbcd56ee

4 Changes

  - James Valleroy corrected the default Plinth configuration to make it
    available to the system's clients.  Thanks James!

  - I've started experimenting with FreedomBuddy's command line client.
    Finishing that client should fix the remaining outstanding security holes.
    Other changes are necessary to make theoretical attacks less likely, but
    that's the big outstanding issue before field testing is appropriate.

5 Outstanding TODOs

5.1 Freedom Maker: [https://github.com/nickdaly/freedom-maker]

   The FBX image build tool.

   - The setup process generates GPG keys for user.
   - Setup generates GPG and SSL keys for the box itself.

5.2 Plinth: [https://github.com/nickdaly/plinth]

   The UI layer.

   - Links should work for remote clients.
   - Turn DHCP (for clients) on/off through Plinth
   - Select DHCP or Static IP in Plinth
   - Integrate basic OpenVPN settings into Plinth
   - Integrate Dnsmasq into Plinth
   - Integrate FreedomBuddy into Plinth.
   - Hook FreedomBuddy into SSH.
   - Add more OpenVPN FreedomBuddy setup instructions.

5.3 FreedomBox Privoxy: [https://github.com/jvasile/freedombox-privoxy]

   A privacy-focused web-proxy.

   - Privoxy should use the released HTTPS Everywhere regexp ruleset.
   - Add enabling and disabling Privoxy to the Plinth UI.

5.4 FreedomBuddy: [https://gitorious.org/freedombuddy/freedombuddy]

   A resilient communication tool.

   - Build an SSH-VPN connector.
   - Fix Outstanding FIXMEs

5.5 Project Publish: [https://gitorious.org/project-publish/project-publish]

   An easy-to-use publishing tool.

   - *Complete*

5.6 PlugServer Setup: [https://bitbucket.org/nickdaly/plugserver]

   A configuration tool.

   - *Complete*

5.7 With SQLite: [https://github.com/jvasile/withsqlite]

   A database-management Python package.

   - *Complete*

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