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[Freedombox-discuss] Inspiring free software GUIs

Yes, I like how the buttons that control audio playback/recording are prominent
and simple.

In the case of FBX I think the cli will always be the most expressive place for the
user to configure the system.? However, it has a higher learning curve and
it's very difficult to discover the features without devoting a lot of time and effort
to memorizing commands.? To me, doing an end run around those barriers is the
whole point of the web interface.

I think I could actually narrow the question further: what is an example of a
well-designed free software dialog (or web interface) for setting configurations
as well as bootstrapping?

For bootstrapping, I think of the Tor Browser Bundle, which is one-click and
shows the progress of the connection, plus displaying a page in the browser
that verifies that Tor is indeed working correctly.

For setting _basic_ configurations I'm at a loss.? Even the TBB settings are
way too advanced for the non-developer user to consider making changes to
it (well, other than the "Appearance" tab).? But with FBX most of what the user
is doing through the interface will basically be setting preferences and turning
certain features or apps on/off.

Unfortunately I've only run into poor interfaces/dialogs, like the Yacy web
interface which is unbelievably complicated.


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>Audacity also has an intuitive, useful GUI. It's one (rare imo) example where a cli would be worse.
>On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 12:59 PM, Maximilian Ernestus <maximilian at ernestus.de> wrote:
>Blender has an awesome GUI. It is fast, efficient to work with and looks really non-ugly. But there is a steep learning curve and it is not a web interface.
>>Nice and no-nonsense browser-based GUIs can be found at OwnCloud and Roundcube. I2p seems ok too.
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