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[Freedombox-discuss] distributed DNS

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 11:28:06AM -0700, Lee Fisher wrote:
> >>I think I am missing something here - what problem do you want to
> solve with
> >>this?  Are you talking about teaching Freedomboxes to be dynamic DNS
> >>servers, or do you want to create an alternative to the existing
> dynamic DNS
> >>providers out there?  (And if so, why?)
> >
> >Yeah, the idea is to build a dynamic DNS service, distributed if
> possible.
> >I see no point in building a freedombox if its DNS system is based on
> >"cloudy" (or mainstream if you prefer) services like dyndns.
> Don't Freedomboxes use Tor? (Always? Sometimes?) Tor has
> libevent-based evDNS. Shouldn't you be using that? If not, won't a
> new distributed DNS system mess up the Tor evndns stuff? Can these
> two coexist?

Yeah, I think there was a consensus to ship Tor in the freedombox and let
users choose how they want to use it.
I'm not sure to get what's the point with eventdns here, it's mostly use
in Tor for it's DNS cache if you use the DNSPort option. I guess it should
coexist smoothly together, as it's just a resolver that can resolv any
normal A query (well, with some limitations).


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