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[Freedombox-discuss] distributed DNS

>> I think I am missing something here - what problem do you want to
solve with
>> this?  Are you talking about teaching Freedomboxes to be dynamic DNS
>> servers, or do you want to create an alternative to the existing
dynamic DNS
>> providers out there?  (And if so, why?)
> Yeah, the idea is to build a dynamic DNS service, distributed if
> I see no point in building a freedombox if its DNS system is based on
> "cloudy" (or mainstream if you prefer) services like dyndns.

Don't Freedomboxes use Tor? (Always? Sometimes?) Tor has libevent-based 
evDNS. Shouldn't you be using that? If not, won't a new distributed DNS 
system mess up the Tor evndns stuff? Can these two coexist?


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