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[Freedombox-discuss] Script to create bootable image


I'm currently studying how to create two scripts:

a) one that produces a "bare" bootable root image with emdebian grip 

b) one that starts a qemu instance with said image and an appropriate kernel

The objective is to have a base system on top of which it is possible
to create, by adding appropriate packages, some specific services (in
my case I will try to build a simple personal mail server).

I'm thinking to follow the ideas that were used here:


As a second step the scripts could be used, together with boxer (the
tool Jonas posted some days ago) to create pre-built fully configured
system images to be flashed on the plugs (or executed in qemu).

I write to the list to ask:

a) Is there already any script that does this? [1]

b) Is there already anyone working on this?

c) Any comment on the approach?


[1] Images created with lb don't look appropriate because they target
a different memory/cpu/storage tradeoff than what is found in plug 

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